Pádel Plan

This client wanted to promote its holiday packages, consisting of 10 days in Punta Cana + Paddle tennis. Pádel Plan offers classes, competitions and even talks about the paddle tennis universe in a crystalline water paradise.

My work consisted in developing their logotype, their brand manual and an art direction that could be applied to future materials.

I wanted to focus on the main element, paddle tennis, and work on the idea that a paddle court can be placed wherever one wants. So I created a graphic system inspired on the court. The sport is one of the pillars of this experience, and one of the main attractions of the product is the activities that take place in Punta Cana. That’s why we took the lines from the court floor as the main element, creating a reticule that will allow us to replicate the brand on a coherent way throughout the graphic campaign.

On the other side, it was necessary to promote the essence of paddle tennis on the logo and to adjust it to the graphic code of that sport. That’s why the ball’s movement inspired me to create the imagetype that will accompany the logo. That imagetype is an element that can be used on different materials to remind of the ball’s movement, obtaining a very dynamic logo that can be applied in different manners and make the appearance of the brand on any other materials easier. Regarding the logo’s typography, I’ve retouched it in order to follow the aesthetics of the graphic universe of the sport itself, where typographies are very aerodynamic and concise.

The final result is a dynamic and coherent execution which helps us potentiate the values of paddle tennis and reinforces the idea of placing the activity in a different context as Punta Cana is.